Maternity Dresses for Your Photoshoot: Which Dress is Right for You?

beautiful Maternity Dresses

Are you looking for the perfect maternity dress for your upcoming photo shoot? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss a few different maternity dress styles that will help you look your best during your maternity photo shoot. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right dress for your body type and personality. So, whether you’re looking for a casual outfit or something more formal, we’ve got you covered!

Maternity dresses come in many different styles, from casual to formal. There are also different dress lengths such as short, mid-length or long. However, the most important thing when choosing a maternity dress for your photo shoot is what style will look best on you! But, before we talk about style let’s talk about the photographer you chose for your maternity photoshoot. Are you wanting an outdoor session but want to book a photographer who mostly shows studio images on their social media. If so, take a step back. You may love their images in the studio but there may be a reason this photographer doesn’t do sessions outdoors. I personally don’t do many outdoor sessions because my gowns are so expensive, I can’t take the chance of having them ruined by the elements. So find a photographer that first, fits your vision. Then ask that photographer if they provide a client closet.

If you love a photographer who shares images of these beautiful mamas to be in gorgeous gowns and every one of her posts looks like an ad for vouge pregnancy, then she’s most likely got a client closet. A client closet is a closet that a photographer has for their clients that book them. Maternity dresses can range in size, color, shape, fabrics, and most of them can be upward of $200.00 for amazing quality. Most of my dresses are custom ordered from sites like this, so you don’t have to do all your own digging and spend extra cash.  Photographers know that a dress on amazon isn’t going to stand the test of time and wear and tear through multiple clients. But you as a client most likely don’t want to spend over 200 dollars on a dress you’ll wear for 2 hours. So let’s walk through my client closet, and what types of maternity dresses I have that will fit your style!


Form-fitting maternity dresses are tight and snug in all the right places. If you like showing off all your curves and enhancing your baby bump then these dresses are for you. I have mermaid, flair, and trains so you can show it all off!

form fitting maternity dress


Empire maternity dresses fit right under the cleavage leaving the rest of the fabric very flowy. Any body type can rock this style of maternity dress and most do! I wore an empire dress for my session and it was my favorite! I had a client specifically ask for this type of dress in purple, and now, I have it in purple.

flow maternity dress

Ball Gown

So rocking the beautiful big flowy skirts and ball gown maternity dress is one of my favorite new trends. I have multiple dresses in colors and sizes that will make you feel like you are stepping into a fairy book. They are a new trend that’s really popular for studio maternity sessions. If your heart is set on wearing one of these princess dresses, find a photographer who has one in her client closet because the fancy ones, don’t come cheap.

Ball gown | couture maternity dress


Ok so this isn’t so much a maternity dress as is it a piece of fabric, but silk fabric is the number one request I get for maternity sessions. It’s beautiful, flowy, and versatile. I can even make it look like a maternity dress that’s custom-made for you in 3 minutes. It’s amazing what silk fabric can do and it’s never the same so no matter how many pictures you take throwing it up in the air, it’s always going to give you a different outcome.

Silk Maternity dress

Body suit for maternity photoshoot



Again not a maternity dress but so many women are rocking this look! I have multiple bodysuits that fit all types of women and it’s one of my most purchased pictures! It’s so modern and also elegant. Who knew bodysuits would be making this much of an appearance in maternity sessions? I’m here for it though! Also on the same lines as a bodysuit I also provide long sleeve crop tops and matching bottoms. They’re so fun and cute and I love a mom who loves to show off that bump!

Maternity bodysuits


Ok ok, so when you hear nude I’m sure you’re thinking there’s no way I’m getting nude in my maternity photo shoot. But, you know what never goes out of style? Bare skin. I know how to photograph expecting mothers so no personal bits are showing, and also so you keep that beautiful timeless look. If there’s absolutely no way you would go nude, think about a bralette and matching bottoms. I’ve photographed countless women in simple matching sets and I can tell you, they are some of my favorite.

Nude Maternity Photoshoot


A lot of younger moms are really loving the relaxed jeans and bralette top. I love this look because it not only shows a more carefree side to your maternity photoshoot but also a playful side. I also love when the hubbies or partners join in and have fun with it! Not everything has be to so serious.

jeans maternity photoshoot

There are so many different looks for your maternity photoshoot but I think the biggest question is, what is your personality type and where do you want these images to be displayed in your home? I have mine displayed on a gallery wall for everyone to see when they walk in. Yes, after loss and infertility I am that person who loves to show off my maternity photos in a beautiful white maternity dress that my photographer provided for me. But if you want a nude displayed where would that go? I have one client who had a beautiful nude image printed and framed in black and white above her bathtub! How perfect is that? When it comes to maternity dresses for your photoshoot the sky is really the limit. Contact me if you’d like a consultation of my beautiful client closet and I can walk you through all the maternity dresses and outfits I offer.

All dresses and outfits are available and in my client closet. To check out more of my work and dresses click here! 

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