What Should My Husband Wear to my Maternity Photoshoot

When you’re pregnant, it’s important to capture the moment in photos. You’ll want to look back on these photos years from now and remember how excited you were to become a mom. My clients have full access to me to discuss dresses, clothing options, backdrops, and style. I know these pictures are something you may have been looking forward to since you saw that first little heartbeat. But then there’s an afterthought. What about my husband? “What should my husband wear for my maternity session?” If this thought just popped into your head, don’t worry, it happens to most of my clients. I send out a prep guide to all my clients and it has a “what should your husband wear to your maternity session” guide. But in this blog, I go a little more in-depth for the men in our lives.

Husband and wife maternity session

First and foremost, your husband should feel comfortable. This is not a time to be dressed in something that’s too tight or restrictive. Loose-fitting clothing is ideal. A solid color, fitted shirt, or button-down will look nice against a solid backdrop. If you’re doing an outdoor session and it’s cooler out, he might want to consider wearing some layers. A fitted v neck with a nice jacket or even a sweater would be appropriate. Avoid logos or patterned shirts as it either gets too busy in the pictures, doesn’t match what you’re wearing, or age the pictures. A shirt that says “Bucks Champs 2021” is probably not something you’d want on your walls unless that’s the theme you’re going for.

Husband and Wife Maternity Session

If you’re looking for a more classic or high fashion look for you and your husband’s maternity session, you can never go wrong in a suit. Men’s suits never go out of style, and if you’re wanting to glam up your maternity session, Your husband or partner should mirror that image. Dark jeans and a button-down are also timeless looks. You really can’t go wrong with that look.

Keep it neutral. Unless you have a color theme that you and your husband discussed before your maternity session, keep it neutral. Whites, blacks, tans, nudes, and blues tend to look great on men in general, and always look good in photos. Also, look at your photographer’s work or Instagram page before going. What type of pictures do they take? Glam studio images, or outdoor earthy looks? This will help you get a feel for not only the style of photography you want but how you want to remember this time with just you before your baby comes into the world.

Casual studio maternity session

Dress to impress. Even if you’re taking outdoor beach maternity photos, dress him accordingly. Yes, I mean dress your husband. I say this because I have done beach photos where the mama to be is in a stunning full-length maternity gown and the husband wore only a beach tee shirt and swim trunks. When she asked her husband where his outfit was for the maternity photos, he replied “you said beach photos…” he misunderstood the assignment. So yes, dress your husband for how you want him to look in these photos. Some of my favorite places to get men’s clothing are Amazon, Express and Banana Republic

Husband clothing for maternity session

These images will be in your home for years to come. Dress your husband as if you’re going to an event. You’re getting your hair and makeup done right? So have him get a haircut, shave or trim that beard. These might be the first professional images you’ve had taken since your wedding day. Treat it as an event. It is an event! You will be happy you did.

Use this as an excuse to go shopping. I don’t know about you but my husband hates shopping. So use this as an excuse to take your husband maternity photoshoot shopping. Get him a new pair of dark jeans and a fitted tee or button-down. I know there’s a lot of prepping for baby right now, so take him out one day for a special treat and get him his maternity husband wardrobe.

I hope these tips help you in deciding what your husband should wear to your maternity session! Your husband has such an important role during this time and we want to make sure they are represented well in your photos. As long as he feels good in what he’s wearing, you’re sure to have beautiful maternity photos! As always, if you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to reach out! I am here to guide my clients through any and every question they have.

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