Bryson’s Newborn Session

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Newborn

Well, well, well…a baby that slept…the entire session. I love every baby that comes through my door, but never have I had a baby that slept as soundly as little Bryson. Bryson was born a few weeks early so when he came to me he was still so tiny. Even though my girls were 3 and 4 pounds when they were born and could fit into the palm of my husbands hand, I just feel like I always forget how tiny babies really are. If you’re worried about how to prep your baby for their newborn session, don’t be, because I send out a prep guide for every newborn session so you will be more than prepared. I also have a client closet so moms can choose a dress to wear for the session. I do advise bringing snacks and water as newborn sessions can go long. But this little guy was a champ and slept through the whole thing!

Someone once asked me what set ups do you have for boys and when I said they heart bowl they were a little skeptical but after seeing the wraps and simplicity of it she said she loved it! The white and blue are just so perfect.