Sydney’s Epilepsy Story

My daughter Sydney was born at 32 weeks, along with her identical twin sister. Besides being small, she was perfect. She stayed in the NICU along with her sister for 30 days. After coming home they were just eating and growing, But at 4. months old, Sydney started having seizures, and they were bad. Them seemed to have come out of no where, and the hospital had no answers for us. She had multiple seizures every single day and her development not only stopped, it went backwards. For 6 long months, 4 different hospitals and neurologist we finally found John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg Fl. For 6 more months she was in and out of the hospital, with multiple EEGs and tests, but still no answers.

In January of 2021, we finally got the call after an MRI. Cortical dysplasia in her left front temporal lobe. She was rushed forward into surgery and 3 weeks later she had brain surgery to remove the dysplasia. I did this epilepsy photoshoot with her so I could show her one day in the future what a warrior she is. I want to do another one in a few months on the other side of surgery. Purple is the color for epilepsy awareness and I couldn’t be more proud of my beautiful baby girl for her strength and courage.

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