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Pregnancy is a thrilling time full of big choices. From choosing the name to deciding on the theme of the nursery, it seems like there’s always something demanding your attention. Unfortunately, some hospitals shut you out of making decisions about your labor. Because some doctors have a very cut-and-dry way of doing things, many people have a dizzying birth experience with unnecessary interventions. This is why birth centers are rapidly gaining popularity. A birth center is a safe, homelike atmosphere devoted to giving people options for their birth experience. If you’ve been looking for a space where you’ll be given control throughout your labor, I would love to tell you about the Breath of Life Birth Center!

About the Breath of Life Birth Center

Breath of Life Birth Center came to fruition in 2007 to provide Tampa Bay families with options for their births. The practice was the first birth center in the entire state to earn accreditation through the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers. 

Since Breath of Life opened, they’ve assisted with over 2,000 natural births. They remain committed to breaking down barriers in community healthcare by welcoming families across economic lines. 

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At Breath of Life Birth Center, you will receive a midwife who will be there throughout your pregnancy. The center has an on-site lab and sonographer, so you can have lab work and ultrasounds completed within a comfortable atmosphere. Each appointment will last about an hour to give your midwife plenty of time to answer questions and help you plan your delivery. You can also choose to work with one of the practice’s doulas for emotional and mental support. 

The birth center itself is beautifully decorated with three rooms equipped with warm beds and large tubs for delivery. You will be able to eat and drink throughout labor and can walk around the peaceful yard. The center offers nitrous oxide for pain relief. Following your labor, you’ll be able to bond with and nurse your baby while your midwife ensures you’re on the road to healing. You’ll then be able to recover from the comfort of your home. 

A mother to be in a black top stands in a studio with a hand on her hip and other on her belly


The center offers lactation consultants and childbirth classes to ensure you have the necessary tools. You’ll have access to professionals who will make you feel ready for every aspect of parenthood. 

On top of pregnancy and labor support, the center provides well-woman visits and gynecological care. Whether you want counseling for hormonal family planning, assistance for pelvic pain, or a pap smear, Breath of Life has you covered!

Breath of Life Birth Center

Don’t let yourself get written out of the big decisions of labor! At Breath of Life Birth Center, you can have an empowering space to welcome your little one. 

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