Labors of Love Birth Center for Quality Care & Birthing Rooms

A mother holds her newborn baby in a white chair while their poodle sits next to her and her toddler son kisses the forehead of the newborn labor of love birth center

Searching for the best birth center to give birth at can be exhausting, especially when you really want to find one that aligns with your birth goals! South Carolina has several excellent options, with the Labors of Love Birth Center being one of the best! 

About Labors of Love Birth Center

Labors of Love Birth Center at 850 Floyd Rd Ext offers a compassionate, trained birth team and a relaxing, welcoming birth space. Starting as home birth midwife services, Labors of Love Birth Center opened in May 2008 with a dedication to providing quality maternity care and a quality birth space for local women. 

By offering women the chance to give birth outside of a hospital, whether it be in their own home or at the birth center, Labors of Love Birth Center has excelled in supporting their community, especially with the great birth team of licensed midwives, doulas, and birth assistants they keep in company. Their team is fantastic; the birth center has delivered over 1,000 babies since opening its doors 11 years ago! 

A mother sits on a white nursery chair while looking down at her newborn baby in her arms labor of love birth center


Labors of Love Birth Center passionately provides midwifery care for home, water, and all births within their comfortable birth center. The birth center features: 

  • Two birth suites, The Tranquility Suite and The Serenity Suite, 
  • a classroom space, 
  • a family waiting room, and 
  • a few other spaces. 

Both birthing suites offer amenities like a jetted tub, music, aromatherapy, candles, and hand sanitizer. 

The birth suites offer comfortability and privacy to birth and labor, with the tubs in each room offering the opportunity to water birth. The deep Sanajet tubs are perfect for comfort, warmth, support, and ease of movement to labor and birth. The midwives are also thoroughly trained for water births. They even include it in the options for home births! 

A mother sits in her nursery with her poodle at her side while holding her sleeping newborn baby


Home births are becoming more common as moms learn about the benefits and trust their bodies’ natural functions more. Should you decide you would rather have birth at home, Labors of Love has your back. They offer labor and birth services while providing all the supplies needed to give birth at home. 

The team provides home births with a kit containing disposable supplies and a water birth tub. The midwife will bring equipment to monitor you and your baby. The midwives also clean up afterward, so you can enjoy your new baby in a clean space, almost like a whole birth didn’t just happen in your home! 

These midwives are trained, professional, and courteous and provide dedicated care throughout your pregnancy, during labor and delivery, and during postpartum care. They also ensure your birth goes how you intend it to, letting the natural course of birth take place. 

Suppose there happens to be a rare emergency that leaves you needing hospital care. In that case, the midwives have rights at nearby hospitals, so you can still be with your selected team. 

Labors of Love Birth Center

Labors of Love Birth Center and the birth team proudly provide the community and their beloved local moms with space and support. You won’t regret choosing them for your next birth!  

Finding a birth center to welcome your new little one into the world is a huge step! But if you want more Tampa motherhood content, then the blog links below are just for you. They are filled with more of my work and other helpful tips. But before you go, I would love to chat about your dream photo session!

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