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Midwives offer excellent care to patients through comprehensive, low-intervention medical services. They provide support during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond, helping patients achieve their goals for pregnancy and delivery. At USF Midwives in Tampa, a skilled team of midwives provides a range of services for women from adolescence through post-menopause years. 

About USF Midwives

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USF Health features a team of certified nurse midwives who play critical roles in providing patient-focused, comprehensive care to those in the community. In addition to helping mothers navigate pregnancy, delivery, and full-scope midwifery, services include well-woman care for women from adolescence to late adulthood.

Certified nurse midwives have received specialized training in women’s health care. Choosing a midwife to attend labor and delivery gives patients outstanding care throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery through a team of USF Health maternal-fetal specialists and state-of-the-art NICU services.

USF Midwives is committed to improving the full spectrum of healthcare, including helping the environment, the community, and the individual. 

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USF Midwives stand out from other midwifery programs – it is part of the Tampa region’s only academic health center. This connection gives women access to coordinated care and expert care during low-risk pregnancies. The USF midwives and doctors work collaboratively to provide support during birth and care for medical complications throughout pregnancy.

This midwife program can help a woman have a vaginal birth after a previous C-section (VBAC). Women from all over the area opt to have a VBAC with USF’s skilled, supportive team. Women can receive low-intervention pregnancy management through the USF Health Midwifery team. 

Other services include prenatal care, labor care, birth care, postpartum care, family planning, preconception care, breastfeeding support, and well-woman gynecology. 

Certified nurse midwives at USF share in patient prenatal care, encouraging relationships between patients and medical providers. 

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For patient convenience, many patient forms are available online. New patients can find all the information they need on the USF website. 

Midwives attend births at Tampa General Hospital. TGH offers fantastic services and has had midwives on staff for decades. The staff at TGH are used to the midwifery model of care and encourage midwives to provide care during labor and delivery. TGH is also a regional referral center for more complex pregnancies. In emergencies, a NICU is available at Jennifer Leigh Muma Center. Each birthing room comes equipped with a shower, and there are two private jacuzzi tubs for laboring. Epidural anesthesia is available 24 hours a day for patients who choose to use that form of pain relief.  

USF Midwives

USF Midwives provide comprehensive services to women throughout their entire lives, from adolescence through late adulthood. Midwives provide exceptional care during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and beyond, encouraging low-intervention medical care for low-risk pregnancies. Midwives work closely with patients, developing relationships with them to provide comfort and empowerment as women go through different stages of life. 

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