Tampa Midwives for an Incredible and Guided Birthing Experience

Mother and father sit on a bed holding their newborn in a white animal onesie Tampa Midwives

When you realize what those little pink lines are saying, it’s time to find the right care professional to oversee this new chapter in your life! Finding the right care for you can impact your exciting journey. Do you envision a more natural or holistic approach when you think about your pregnancy and birth? Are you considering a homebirth? If that’s you, then you want a midwife! These Tampa Midwives offer more than just a service. They offer an experience!

Tampa Midwives for an Incredible Birthing Experience

USF Health

USF Health’s certified nurse midwives offer midwifery services and provide quality and comprehensive well-women care for teens and seniors. They also help expecting mothers manage healthy pregnancies and help bring their babies into the world. Their certified nurse midwives have earned their master’s degrees in nursing. Furthermore, they have had specialized training in women’s healthcare. They have passed a thorough board exam and are then certified by the AMCB. When it comes to unexpected issues, they like to stay prepared. That is why they have skilled, experienced, and highly knowledgeable midwives. Also, you will gain access to US Health Maternal-Fetal Specialists and the state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Tampa General. You can find more on their facility here

Mother and father sit on a bed holding their newborn in a white animal onesie Tampa Midwives

Barefoot Birth

Barefoot Birth provides birth services to cover a wide range of support and care through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Each of their services is perfectly tailored to every individual to meet the needs of their unique journey. Your comfort is important to barefoot birth, from feeling supported to feeling safe and relaxed. They provide in-home birthing so you can give birth and recover from your hard work, where you feel comfortable. They believe pregnancy is a normal and natural process. Healthy pregnancies often occur with natural deliveries that don’t need intervention. From the first visit, their goal is to keep you and your growing little one on a healthy path. Check out their midwives and all of their amazing services at


Mary Catherine Hamelin Midwife

Providing holistic care for families, Mary Catherine Hamelin Midwife, CLC, believes your Midwife should come alongside your family’s unique and beautiful journey. She believes in your body’s instincts, her knowledge of both clinical standards and traditional remedies, and her collaboration with medical practitioners when needed to provide the healthiest path for you from pregnancy and birth to postpartum beginnings. Her goal is to guide you along your beautiful and empowering journey so you can have the birthing experience your heart desires. You can get in touch with her on her website. 

Tampa Midwives

When you choose one of these fantastic Tampa Midwives, you’re choosing a birthing experience! From access to Maternal Fetal Specialists and NICUs to birthing in your own home, have the birth you envision and love your birthing story.

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