Prenatal Yoga Tampa | 3 Locations to Take Gentle Workout Classes

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Yoga is one of the best exercises you can do during pregnancy, especially in the later trimesters. Not only will it let you stay relaxed, but the poses will help you gain flexibility that will benefit you throughout labor. But when you’re 34 weeks pregnant with a bladder the size of a pea, the last thing you want is to hit a crow’s pose in the middle of a vinyasa. This is why prenatal yoga is so great. You’re doing a workout designed not only for your body but also for the journey of pregnancy. Luckily, many incredible prenatal yoga studios in Tampa understand the need for this exercise. Here are just a few of my favorites. 

Three Amazing Studios Offering Prenatal Yoga In Tampa

Baby Scene

Baby Scene is a studio unlike any other. The center was started after Doug, and Valorie Bauer saw a 4D ultrasound of their grandchild. In their excitement, they began to look for a way to provide this experience for everyone. In the process of opening a 4D ultrasound studio, they created a haven for moms-to-be! Now, the Tampa studio offers fantastic services like massage and custom products, but perhaps my favorite part is their prenatal yoga classes. The studio provides gentle and affordable group courses taught by experts. You’ll build your muscles and increase your flexibility so you can feel ready for delivery. The studio also offers mama and me classes that let you bring your baby while continuing your practice. With options for private training, you’ll see why so many moms have come to love Baby Scene! 

Bella Prana

For over a decade, Bella Prana has specialized in empowering the community through the practice of yoga. While Bella Prana offers a variety of courses and workshops, their devotion to mamas-to-be remains unparalleled. Their prenatal yoga classes focus on relaxing your pelvic floor muscles and teaching Tampa moms breathing techniques to help labor. The class is designed to be useful in every trimester and is open to any woman within this stage of life. You’ll feel welcome whether you’re trying to conceive or recovering after delivery. On top of this, the studio offers workshops that will prepare birth partners for labor.

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Lucky Cat Yoga

Since 2010, Lucky Cat Yoga has been passionate about providing affordable yoga to all. Above all, they want to provide you with a place to strengthen your practice alongside new friends with various classes taught by experts. Tampa’s Lucky Cat Yoga offers video classes dedicated to prenatal and postnatal classes. On top of that, the studio provides a weekly gentle flow course that’s magnificent for pregnant students. Increase flexibility, build up breath control, and strengthen muscles through their guided classes. With so many options, Lucky Cat Yoga is about to become your new sanctuary!

Prenatal Yoga Tampa

Pregnancy will leave you in awe of what your body can do. But as you go through so many changes, nourishing your body as much as possible is essential. Yoga will do just that. With so many great Tampa prenatal yoga options, you’ll fall in love with the practice while preparing yourself for delivery!

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