When to Photograph your Newborn if they’re Born Early

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One question I’ve been asked is, “when should I photograph my newborn baby if they were born early?”   Like, really early? If your newborn was born early and you’ve already booked your photographer, do not worry. The photographer should be able to have saved time for you in their schedule. However, the question of when to bring them to the studio is always different. This may depend on your newborn’s weight, and how early they are born. Newborns should be photographed when they are at least 6-10 lbs in order to be able to mold them in those adorable poses. If your baby arrives earlier than what was expected and has spent time in the NICU you may want to wait until around the time of their due date or around 7-10lbs before getting your precious memories captured by a professional newborn photographer.

Wrapped Newborn baby Poses

My twins were born early, (2 months to be exact) and we spent 1 month in the NICU.  When they came home they were still only 5-6 lbs. I decided to take some time and wait a few more weeks before I took their newborn pictures. This gave them time to gain some weight but still have the ability to put them into those sweet poses that everyone loves. Once newborns get past a certain age and weight they don’t mold into the naked baby poses or wraps as easily.

If your newborn was born earlier than 2 weeks and has to spend some time in the NICU, let your photographer know. They should be able to work with you and give you a good timeline for what age is best to bring them into the studio. I’ve photographed newborns that were born extremely early and spent hundreds of days in the NICU and I’ve also photographed newborns who spent a week or so in the NICU. Each newborn is special and unique and we as photographers want you to have these photos to last a lifetime.



If your newborn is born early, and you’ve booked a photographer for a month away, do not worry. Take this time to be with your newborn and bond with them. I know how scary and exhausting being a mom to not only a newborn but a newborn who is in the NICU. Having a newborn born early is emotionally tolling as well as physically. So do not worry about your newborn photos during this moment. All you need to do is let the photographer know that your baby was born early and you will let them know when they come home. Once your baby has been released from the hospital, contact your photographer again to set a date. This would be the perfect time to start working on a date that works for you to finally get those beautiful photos done. Having your newborn born early is can be so difficult and stressful. Don’t stress over your newborn photos. Let the photographer do all the work and take care of everything for you. I know this time is so special and finally having your baby home after time spent in the hospital is so rewarding. So I highly suggest hiring a photographer who will do it all for you. Taking care of not only your little one but also your lasting memories of them.

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